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About BakeSw@p

About BakeSw@p. 

BakeSw@p brings together my passions of family, baking and getting people together.  Ever since my children were born I’ve focused on feeding them the most nutritious diet possible.  We’ve done the organic thing.  Tended a vege patch. Kept our own chickens. And they’ve never had a drive through take-away. Over time I’ve learned that visual appeal and appetite appeal are just as important as what’s actually in it.  It doesn’t matter how good it is for them if they won’t eat it. And that you need to do whatever works for you at any given point in time.

The daily challenge of filling a lunchbox with a variety of healthy things to give my children the energy and nutrition they need to learn, play and grow has inspired me to create BakeSw@p.  Everyone with a school age child is united in this daily lunchbox challenge.  It’s easy to make a sandwich and pop in a piece of fruit but harder to provide substantial morning tea items without baking every day or spending a small fortune on pre-packaged processed things that masquerade as healthy.

Enter BakeSw@p.  All you have to do is bake once a week and swap with a circle of friends to get a variety of delicious and nutritious items to put into your kids lunch boxes. It’s easy, costs very little and doesn’t take much time.

There is a lot of information out there about what we’re doing wrong but no really practical achievable solutions on offer. With BakeSw@p we really can build healthier kids one lunchbox at a time. I hope BakeSw@p works for your family and friends like it works for mine.

Happy BakeSw@pping!

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Erin Corner
BakeSw@p Founder & CEO

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