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BakeSw@p Circle in action

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Your BakeSw@p Circle in action

All you have to do is bake once and swap with a circle of friends to get a variety of delicious and nutritious items to put into your kids lunch boxes. It’s easy, costs very little and doesn’t take much time.  There are five easy steps.
  1. Choose a recipe
  2. Confirm you’re in
  3. Bake your goodies
  4. Pack up your treats
  5. Sw@p your treats

Step #1 CHOOSE a recipe

Thumb shutterstock 204941749 ingredients and utensils 150315 iravgustin 72dpi copyChoose something you enjoy baking that your kids like to eat and skews to the healthy side of the scale. 

Create a BakeSw@p menu for your circle
BakeSw@p helps you to bake and sw@p recipes that reflect the dietary preferences of your circle. Recipe ratings and your circle’s bake history help you to choose a menu that includes a mix of sweet and savoury recipes in a range of forms, for example, some muffins, cakes, scrolls, bars, balls. The larger the variety the better your hit rate with your children across the week. Lots of recipes are available on the site for you to access easily.

Share your recipes via BakeSw@p
At BakeSw@p we love it when members share their favourite recipes so feel free to use your own.  Simply use BakeSw@p’s fast and easy Recipe Input Tool to get your recipe onto the site.  You can nominate sharing preferences – would you like to share it with your circle, other circles or make it public?  It’s up to you. BakeSw@p will automatically calculate key nutritional values. 

Step #2 CONFIRM you’re in

Thumb shutterstock 146109806 plum tray cake 150219 b and e dudzinscy 72dpi copyParticipation is confirmed ahead of each round.  BakeSw@p will send each circle member an email asking you to confirm you are BakeSw@pping and what you will be baking. In any given week you can choose not to participate.  No explanation needed. You won’t receive any further alerts for that BakeSw@p round.  But will be automatically included in the next round.

You nominate a menu item at the same time as confirming your participation. BakeSw@p will let you know if you have duplication based on core ingredients and baked item type.  In this event you will be prompted to choose another recipe.

Reminder alerts are emailed 24 hours apart and if no response is received the BakeSw@p team will assume you are not participating that week and you won’t receive any further alerts for that BakeSw@p round. But will be automatically included in the next round. 

What happens next?
BakeSw@p will send all participating circle members an email detailing who is baking and what they are making so you can peruse the menu for that week.

If you haven’t reached your Bake Quorum for the round then BakeSw@p will automatically send an email letting you know it’s cancelled.  No more alerts will be issued for that round.  The next round will progress as normal.

The day before the Sw@p
BakeSw@p will send all participating circle members an email asking you to re-confirm you are BakeSw@pping the next day.  You can withdraw from that week’s BakeSw@p at this point. No explanation needed.  BakeSw@p will alert participating members to any changes resulting from the re-confirmation process.

If these changes mean you haven’t reached your Bake Quorum for the round then BakeSw@p will automatically send an email letting you know it’s cancelled.  No more alerts will be issued for that round.  The next round will progress as normal.

For a step-by-step guide to confirming your participation and nominating your BakeSw@p menu item go to  

Step #3 BAKE your goodies

Thumb shutterstock 234673351 mum putting cupcakes in oven 150224 monkey business images 72dpi copyBake your goodies for the sw@p.  All BakeSw@p items should be baked at home, as close to the time of the actual Sw@p as possible, for example, Monday afternoon or evening ahead of a Tuesday morning sw@p. If you don’t bake you can’t swap.

Make 24 in total: 18 for the sw@p and 6 for you. That way you have some for lunchboxes on the day of your sw@p and for your freezer!

Size matters so try to create baked items that are uniform in size in servings that are substantial enough for morning tea.

And remember to Sw@p fresh: don’t freeze anything prior to the sw@p as food can’t be re-frozen when people get it home.

Check out the SW@P TIPS before you bake. There are lots of time saving ideas as well as tips to amp up the health credentials of your bake without compromising visual and appetite appeal!

Step #4 PACK up your treats

Thumb img 7707 pre sw p container copyUse zip lock bags for your Sw@p packs. You can write the recipe name, date, your initials and any special instructions on them before you fill them. And your treats will go from your kitchen to the final lunchbox in one airtight environment.

The best time to pack them up is when they are completely cool and as soon as possible after baking.  Squeeze out the air from the bag when sealing.  Ideally bag them up in multiples of 2 or 3.

Working out the number of packs & treats
The number of packs needed is based on the number of participating bakers. You don’t make a pack for yourself so the total number of packs = the number of participating members excluding you.

Everyone should end up with an equal amount of each item baked by your circle, that week. You work out the number of treats per pack by dividing 18 (the number of baked items) by the number of packs needed.  Any left over items go into the BakeSw@p Pool.

Step #5 SW@P your treats

Thumb img 7763 narelle at swap copyMeet at the pre-arranged venue at the agreed time. Be punctual as the whole Sw@p takes only a few minutes!  Just like pets your home baked goodies don’t fare well in a hot car so crack the windows and make sure they’re not in direct sun if you’re not making your sw@p as soon as you arrive at the venue.

Each member gives a pack to every other member and receives one in return.  Then everyone takes turns selecting items from that week’s Pool. 

Everyone should end up with 18 items in total.

After the Sw@p:

Get your treats x18 home and into the fridge or freezer ASAP after the Sw@p. Eat BakeSw@p treats that can’t be frozen first and then progress through the week according to perishability of that week’s menu.

Try not to eat everything straight away!

There are just a few simple guidelines that will make BakeSw@p a fantastic experience for everyone willing to bake just once a week and enjoy the benefits of a variety of healthy, delicious treats.  Check these out and more at CREATE A CIRCLE > RECIPE FOR SUCCESS.

Go to our Contact Us page if you’d like to share your experiences, thoughts and feedback - we’d love to hear from you.  We’re also here to help you make your kids healthier one lunchbox at a time any way we can.

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