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You can enjoy this and MORE as a BakeSw@p Circle Subscriber! Would you like to become a Circle Subscriber?

BakeSw@p makes hosting a Melbourne Cup day lunch a breeze!

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Planning on hosting a lunch for friends on Melbourne Cup day where everyone brings something delicious to share? BakeSw@p makes hosting a Cup Day lunch a breeze!  BakeSw@p organises everything (so you don’t have to send endless emails and texts to each other) and will coordinate your delicious menu on the day (so you don’t end up with 10 plates of chicken sandwiches)!

Create a circle if you want BakeSw@p to make Cup Day easier and more delicious at your place!  It only takes a few minutes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning your Cup Day event with BakeSw@p.

You can create a BakeSw@p circle to suit just about any occasion

A BakeSw@p Circle is perfect for organising lunch with friends. Coordinate your lunch on Melbourne Cup day by creating a circle and inviting the family and friends who will join you for the celebration to nominate what they will contribute to your festive spread.  That way you can share the load and enjoy the delicious rewards of the right number of entrees, mains, salads and desserts! And without the need for endless phone calls, texts and emails about the menu.

Here’s how it works in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Become a BakeSw@p Circle Subscriber.
Go to Join BakeSw@p > 3 easy ways to enjoy BakeSw@p.  It only costs about $2 per month and you can create or join as many circles as you want! It’s quick and easy to sign up.  You can even enjoy a FREE 7-day trial.  Once you’ve joined you’ll receive a welcome email to let you know how easy it is to start enjoying the many benefits of BakeSw@p.  If you are already a Circle Subscriber skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Create a BakeSw@p circle. 
Go to My BakeSw@p > My Circles and click the “CREATE CIRCLE” button. It’s super easy to create a circle and takes only a few minutes.  To create a circle:
  1. Name your BakeSw@p Circle. Ours is called Cup Day Ladies Lunch
  2. Choose a Circle purpose (what is this circle for?): We selected ‘Special occasion catering’ for our cup day lunch.
  3. Choose a venue (Where will you BakeSw@p?): Our cup day lunch is at my place so my address goes here.  Erin’s house, 10 Bakeswap Street, BakeSw@p.
  4. Circle Sw@p Frequency. Select “Once only” as we’re creating this circle for a one off event.
  5. Circle Sw@p Date.  This is the day of the lunch: Cup Day, Tuesday November 3rd
  6. How do you plan to swap? Choose the first option: “everyone swaps each round on the same day”
  7. Set your Circle Sw@p time: our lunch event starts at 10.30am WST.
  8. Invite your friends to join your circle. You do this by clicking the “INVITE FRIENDS” button and keying in the name and email address of each friend you’d like to invite.
  9. The last thing you do is click the SUBMIT button.

NB:  BakeSwap will automatically set your Circle Bake Quorum (the minimum number of people you need to go ahead with your planned event) and your Circle Change Quorum (the number of circle members that need to agree to future changes you might make to your circle). You can change these if you like.

What happens next?

BakeSw@p will send an invitation, on your behalf, to all the friends you have invited. The invitation is an email that tells them a little bit about BakeSw@p and contains the key information about the circle you have invited them to join (what it’s called, date, time, venue etc.)  It also contains a link to enable them to join your circle simply by clicking it. They will then be guided through the sign up process if they decide they’d like to join.

If enough people join your circle it will activate so you can start BakeSw@pping!  BakeSw@p will let you know either way.

The menu

You can leave the menu up to your circle members but for a special occasion like this it can be nice to plan one.  Once you have decided on the menu you can use the SEND ANNOUNCEMENT button to send it in a message to all circle members.  

The week prior to your event BakeSw@p will send a message to all circle members asking them if they are BakeSw@pping (as in – are they still coming to your Cup Day lunch) and, if so, what they are making to bring along for the lunch buffet!

If you are looking for ideas we have a couple of delicious menus planned – stay tuned!  We’ll update the guide as we get closer to the day and don’t forget to follow us on social media for more tips about hosting a Cup Day lunch with BakeSw@p.

For more information on:

* Other ways to BakeSw@p check out CREATE A CIRCLE > Try BakeSw@p for this
* Creating a BakeSw@p Circle check out CREATE A CIRCLE > Create a BakeSw@p Circle

Here are a couple of FAQ’s

Can I make changes to the time or the venue? Or invite more friends along?
Yes you can. It’s easy to make changes to your circle details including the time or venue. Or to add friends to the invitation list. Go to My BakeSw@p > My Circles and click the EDIT CIRCLE button.  Once your circle is active you (or any circle member) can make changes to the circle as long as enough members agree to them.

What about friends that are not BakeSw@p subscribers?
You can keep them in the loop them separately (by email or text perhaps?) and make sure they don’t double up on menu items already nominated by BakeSw@p Circle members. 

Happy BakeSw@pping!

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