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BakeSw@p's philosophy on "healthy"

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Healthier kids one lunchbox at a time – our philosophy on healthy.

When we say healthier we don’t mean you should fill your kids lunchboxes with tofu muffins and sprout cakes.  And we don’t expect you to spend hours scouring the shelves of health food stores for obscure and often expensive ingredients you’ll try once.

BakeSw@p is about making life easier, healthier and more delicious.

It doesn’t matter how good it is for them if your children won’t eat it. And life is busy: you need to do whatever works for you at any given point in time.  

There’s a lot of information out there about what we’re doing wrong but no really practical achievable solutions on offer. With BakeSw@p we really can build healthier kids one lunchbox at a time. Success or failure won’t be defined by yesterday’s lunchbox but incremental change over the course of a year can have life changing benefits.  For example, think about how much less sugar you’ll consume over the course of a year if you simply reduce your intake by just a couple of teaspoons a day.  And how much more of the good stuff growing bodies will benefit from by adding an extra serve or two of fruit and veges or superfoods like quinoa.

For us, "healthy" means:

  • Less chemicals and preservatives (i.e. natural ingredients, less processing)
  • More wholegrains
  • Less refined sugar (without giving up sweetness)
  • Using time honoured methods, like home baking and community sharing, to remedy the modern challenge of being time poor
  • Some superfoods and the confidence to use them. For example quinoa flakes are well worth the effort because they make baked goods even lighter and fluffier
  • Less ingredients – it’s simpler and a pantry space saver. For example, buy one kind of flour and add baking powder to make it self raising
  • Shop smart – stock up on the specials like maple syrup as an alternative to sugar
  • Less food miles – food baked and consumed within a 1km-5km radius.  We get that not all ingredients in your local supermarket are sourced that close to home but at least you’ll eat less items baked overseas months ago…
  • More knowledge about what goes into food and then little mouths
  • Making things with love – you can taste it when people care about what they cook and who they make it for
  • Free range and organic ingredients when you can – try growing your own vege patch or keeping chickens – they make great pets!
  • More fruit and veg serves – particularly ones they might not eat all the time. For example, check out the delicious BakeSw@p recipes that include beetroot, kidney beans, chickpeas and rhubarb to name a few
  • Going naked! And by that we mean try less icing.  Choose recipes that taste great without icing and other adornments.  They’re delicious and it doesn’t take much time to get used to it! With the added bonus they are faster and easier to bake and serve and kids won’t miss the icing.
  • Fun Friday. It’s hard to be good all the time! At BakeSw@p we love Fun Friday. We’re taking it in turns to bake something fun for Friday’s lunchbox that feels appropriate to the slide into the weekend.  Something with a bit more fun stuff and a bit less healthy stuff but home baked with love nonetheless. It’s fun to bake and the kids love their Friday lunchboxes!

An end to lunchbox or snack shaming

BakeSw@p won’t judge you and neither should anyone else.  I’m not above sending my kids to school with a small packet of BBQ shapes for morning tea because the cupboard was bare.  Granted it happens rarely but I don’t feel guilty about it.  Thanks to BakeSw@p it's an increasingly rare occurrence.

Well that’s kids for you…

All kids are different and they might love something in that week’s BakeSw@p that includes a key ingredient they have steadfastly refused to eat at home.  Or suddenly go off a perennial favourite for no apparent reason.  Some children will love some things and not others. That’s where the BakeSw@p variety really comes into its own because the children in your household can each have something different in their lunchbox from your weekly selection. Judge your successes over a week, a term or a year – not yesterday’s lunchbox. Repeat favourites as often as appropriate

The last word on tofu and sprouts

And I know I said BakeSw@p wasn’t about tofu and sprouts (not that there’s anything wrong with them) but it’s really worth challenging yourself to make something, or use an ingredient, you’ve previously written off as too 'out there'. Try it once - you never know it might become a new favourite!

And finally…

I know it’s just a muffin (or equivalent) in a lunchbox but small, practical, incremental changes really do make a big difference.  And anyone can BakeSw@p.

Happy BakeSw@pping!

Erin Corner - Founder & CEO

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