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Common FAQ's

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Frequently asked questions about BakeSw@p

Here are ten of the most common questions people ask

I don’t know enough people to create a circle – what can I do?
Perhaps you’re new to the area or school or don’t know anyone nearby with the same food allergy. BakeSw@p can help you get in touch with (or ‘’DISCOVER’) other BakeSw@ppers who live near you, have children at the same school or food allergies in common.  See the Discover section on the site for more information or click this option when inviting friends to join a circle.

How much does BakeSw@p cost?
Membership is free. There’s one annual fee to become a Circle Subscriber. There are no extra charges. Go to Join BakeSw@p for more information on the 3 easy ways to enjoy all that BakeSw@p has to offer.

I’m not much of a baker – can I BakeSw@p?
Anyone can BakeSw@p.  No matter what your skill or experience in the kitchen. Whether you love to bake or think no one would ever want to eat what you make. BakeSw@p gives you what you need, including a wealth of recipes and tips, to make your life easier and more delicious.

What if I live in New Zealand, the UK, the USA or Europe?
Good news. You are welcome and there are lots of things to make you feel at home.   BakeSw@p makes it quick and easy to enjoy all the benefits, for example, you can pay your subscription fee in your local currency as well as input or view content in metric or imperial measures and oven temperatures in Celsius, Fahrenheit and Gas Mark.

What if I can’t bake one week or we’re going on holiday?
BakeSw@p gives you the chance to opt in or out of baking in any given week.  Maybe you’re going away on holiday, swamped at work or have sick kids?  You can choose not to participate.  No explanation needed. And you won’t receive any further communication for that BakeSw@p round.

Does it cost any more to join or create more circles?
You can create or join as many BakeSw@p circles as you like under the banner of your annual BakeSw@p Circle subscription.  It doesn’t cost any more to create or join multiple circles.

Can I move between circles or leave a circle? 
Yes you can.  It’s up to you how many circles you are a member of.  You can also leave or quit a circle at any time (including a circle you created) without affecting your subscription.

If I create a circle am I forever responsible for coordinating it?
No. Once your circle is activated BakeSw@p makes it easy for any member to make changes to the circle details as long as enough members agree to them. 

What if my fussy kids don’t like the BakeSw@p items?
The larger the variety the better your hit rate with your children across the week.  Never be afraid to try new things – children will often surprise you.  That’s where the BakeSw@p variety really comes into its own because the children in your household can each have something different in their lunchbox from your weekly selection.

Can I be a Circle Subscriber if I’m not a member of a circle?
Yes you can. 

For more frequently asked questions go to Create A Circle > FAQ. 

Or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Having trouble signing in or joining a circle? Or think you need some technical support?

Signing up to BakeSw@p or creating and joining a circle are quick and easy to do in just a few clicks. If you are having trouble you could try the following:

  • Check that you have JavaScript enabled. Almost all web pages contain JavaScript (a scripting programming language that runs on your web browser). It makes web pages functional for specific purposes and if disabled for some reason, the content or the functionality of the web page can be limited or unavailable. You can find out more and check to see if you have JavaScript disabled in your browser at:

  • Open a Private Window.  Sometimes the cookies on your computer or security settings will block pop-up windows or make links seem inactive. This can be the case if you are signing in at work. Try opening a Private Window (sometimes called ‘incognito’). It’s usually in the “File” dropdown menu in your browser software.

  • Change web browsers. Some people find one browser works better than another for them.  Firefox always works well for the BakeSw@p team.  If you get a message like "updating Safari so can not open" when you click an email link, for example, try later when your browser has finished updating.

  • Refresh your browser window.  This can work wonders.

  • Make sure the email address you use to sign up to BakeSwap matches the email address your circle invitation was sent to.  Some people have a different email address for home to the one they use at work.  If you accept an invitation to join a circle sent to your work address you will need to do one of two things.  Sign up to BakeSwap using your work address (you can always edit your account details later).  OR you could also ask the person that sent you the circle invitation to send you another invitation to your other 'home' email address instead.

  • You can sign up or login directly at and then go to My BakeSw@p > My Circles. You'll be able to see the circles you are already a member of as well as any circle invitations you've received.

  • When you sign in or login directly at make sure you enter your BakeSwap username (not your email address) and then your password

  • Close some tabs in your browser. I always have multiple tabs open and closing the ones I don’t need makes a world of difference!

  • Refresh your email. Many BakeSw@p actions are confirmed by email. And many of these emails have useful links to make it quicker and easier for you.  Your email browser won’t always deliver your mail instantly – it comes in batches throughout the day.  So try refreshing your email browser to ensure you have received the latest communications from the BakeSw@p team.

  • Check your junk email folder. Many BakeSw@p actions are confirmed by email and very occasionally these can end up in your junk email folder if you have a '' account, for example.  Add BakeSwap's email to your address book to ensure you get any future emails:

  • Go back to your “Welcome email”. It’s full of navigational tips about how to get the most out of your BakeSw@p experience.

  • Switch devices.  BakeSw@p is a responsive web app – which means that it works on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone etc. But the type of device you use (and the hardware itself) can affect your experience. So if you are having difficulty try switching devices.

  • Forgotten your password or need us to resend your account confirmation instructions? If you’ve forgotten your password or didn’t confirm your account when you first signed up simply click the ‘Resend Confirmation Instructions’ link or the 'Forgot password?' link on the sign up box.

  • Sign Ups for members with 0 school aged children. When you get to "Step 2: Tell us about the eaters" simply click the red text 'Remove this eater' at the right of the screen and then click the orange NEXT button.

  • And if all else fails you could try the IT department universal “go-to” solution: restart your computer!

  • Check out the FAQ’s on the site.  There are heaps of FAQ’s on the site at so why not scroll through to see if the answer to your query can be found there?

  • Check out BakeSw@p’s YouTube channel. We’ve loaded some very useful videos to our YouTube channel about how BakeSw@p works or creating and joining a circle, for example. Check them out at

  • Reach out to the BakeSw@p team!  And if you’ve tried all that or you think we can help please get in contact with the BakeSw@p team via the Contact Us page on the site. We are always happy to help if we can! 

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