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Create a BakeSw@p Circle

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Create a BakeSw@p circle

Anyone can create a circle. All you need to do is choose a name, a purpose and decide when and where you plan to Sw@p.  And then invite your friends to join your circle. You can create or join as many circles as you like. For more information and lots of tips on how to get your circle up and running successfully go to CREATE A CIRCLE > Recipe for sucess.

For a step-by-step guide to creating a circle go to  

Anyone can create a circle

As part of the registration process you’ll be asked whether you’d like to create or join a circle. 

Creating a circle is quick and easy

All you need to do is:
  1. Choose a name for your circle and tell us its purpose
  2. Nominate your Sw@p details: day, date, time and venue
  3. Choose a start date and a frequency and also let us know if there are times when your circle will go into hiatus, for example during school holidays
  4. Invite your friends to join it and / or make it discoverable to people in your community with common needs, for example, food allergies

Circle composition tips
  • A circle of 8-10 bakers is ideal. This will allow for those weeks when not everyone bakes, without compromising menu variety.  BakeSw@p still works well with 3 members as a minimum.
  • Create a circle of friends with similar values who have something in common – ideally children at the same school or with the same food allergies
  • Find a Sw@p day and time that works for everyone – ideally at a time and a place where you already meet e.g. school drop off.
  • Determine whether everyone will swap on the same day or if you will take turns on different days
  • Decide on your circle’s Bake and Change quorums.  How many circle members are needed for your BakeSw@p each week? (BakeSw@p suggests a minimum of 3).  How many circle members are needed to make any changes to your circle’s details over time? (BakeSw@p suggests 80% majority of members).
  • You can create and / or be a member of as many circles as you like.  And you can join or leave a circle at any time.
  • Circle members can have children at multiple schools – they should have one common point of intersection.
  • You can invite friends via email, Facebook or by using the Discover function

Circle activation
As soon as your BakeSw@p circle has enough members to start BakeSw@pping your circle will activate.  This is called the Bake Quorum (the minimum number of members you nominated earlier). If your circle does not reach Bake Quorum within seven (7) days then it won’t activate and you can choose to start or join another circle. BakeSw@p will automatically let you know how you go.

Responsibilities of the Circle Creator and Circle Members
Once your circle is activated BakeSw@p takes over the administration functions on behalf of the circle.  So the circle creator’s role and responsibilities are the same as those of any of the other circle members. In this way no one person has to act as coordinator – the original circle creator could go on holidays or leave the circle permanently, for example, and the circle would continue to function as normal with the remainder of the circle membership.

Making changes to your circle
Once your circle is created any member can make changes to the circle details as long as enough members agree to them.  Almost any detail can be changed with the exception of the circle name and purpose.  For example, you might like to make changes to the Sw@p day, time or venue, the frequency or any hiatus periods, for example.  Or add a new member to the circle.  BakeSw@p will automatically send an alert to each member for a response.  If enough members agree (this is called your Change Quorum) then the proposed changes can be made.


The BakeSw@p Circle I created or was invited to join didn’t activate.
Sometime this happens – first and foremost don’t take it personally!

A BakeSw@p circle will activate when there are enough members to start BakeSw@pping.   When a circle doesn’t activate it might be because some invitees don’t respond before the deadline.  Or, for whatever reason, just don’t want to join a BakeSw@p circle right now - perhaps they are members of enough circles already? Some invitees might feel they don’t have time to BakeSw@p or it’s just not for them.  Or maybe they don’t know enough about BakeSw@p to make a decision. 

You can decline an invitation or exit a circle gracefully without feeling the need to apologise to your friends or provide an explanation because BakeSw@p does this on your behalf.

What can you do if the BakeSw@p Circle you created or were invited to join didn’t activate?
Perhaps you’d like to CREATE another circle? (You could also re-create the original circle if the reason it didn’t activate was because your friends didn’t respond before the deadline.)

You can DISCOVER people around you who could be great members of your BakeSw@p circle.

Here are a couple of suggestions from the BakeSw@p team on how to make it as easy as possible to get a BakeSw@p circle up and running smoothly so you can enjoy the delicious rewards.

  • Discuss your circle with your friends: Do this just before or when you create it. You’ll get a sense of who would like to be part of a BakeSw@p circle and you can canvass key Sw@p details (like frequency, day, time and venue).
  • Before or at your first swap: It’s a good idea to get everyone together (over a coffee or a glass of wine perhaps) to discuss the finer details and make any adjustments to the way your circle will work

Go to BAKE > SW@P TIPS for more simple tips to help make BakeSw@p a fantastic experience for everyone willing to bake just once a week and enjoy the benefits of a variety of healthy, delicious treats.

You don’t have to be in a circle to enjoy the many benefits BakeSw@p has to offer.

Happy BakeSw@pping!

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