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Meal roster – Dinner roster

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BakeSw@p makes dinner easy!

If you’re like me, every now and then you might get bored of the same old pasta, typical salad and standard dinner meals. Trying to be creative every night can be timely, costly and (if you’re trying something new) can turn out horribly wrong, but have you ever thought that your friends and family might be feeling the same way?

BakeSw@p makes dinner time easy and solves the everyday dilemma of deciding what to eat. Grab a bunch of friends or even team up with your neighbours to share the load and add variety to your repertoire of meals. Simply spend one night a week whipping up your favourite dinner dish. After you have made a batch, meet with other members of your circle and share your dinner delights. If you have four other members, then you’ll have four new dishes that will keep you happy for the rest of the work week. This system is a great way to keep a creative dinner roster and explore new and exciting dinner options.

How to create a simple meal roster with BakeSw@p:

  1. Signup to BakeSw@p
  2. Select ‘Dinner Roster’ as your purpose
  3. Choose the frequency of your circle swap
  4. Meet up and enjoy!

A meal roster can be a great way to share the cooking duties with your family, share house or even your neighbours. BakeSw@p works great for busy people who don’t have time to cook every day or for those who simply want to join a fun and engaging community

Start exploring BakeSw@p today and see how simple dinner times can be!

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