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Fast, no-mess fairy bread

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A friend shared this fantastic trick with me recently.  It sounds so simple, I know, but I’ve been making fairy bread for birthday parties for YEARS and it’s always ended up the same way.  I butter the bread and sprinkle on the hundreds and thousands.  I use double the sprinkles I actually need, most of which end up on the floor and rolling into every nook and cranny in the kitchen.  So you end up crunching around the kitchen floor with hundreds and thousands of colourful miniature ball bearings all over it.  And I find sprinkles on my sponge every time I wipe the kitchen bench for weeks. 

It doesn’t deter me from making this kids party favourite but I love the new mess free method. There are six easy steps to make sure the sprinkles end up only on the delicious fairy bread and not on the floor or all over the kitchen.

Six easy steps to mess-free fairy bread

  1. Slice the crusts off a loaf of fresh white bread. Do a few pieces at a time and use a serrated bread knife to get a clean cut without squashing the bread. Alternatively, cut the bread into shapes with cookie cutters.
  2. Butter the bread
  3. Slice the bread into triangles I prefer halves but you can do quarters if you like. (Don’t do this if you cut shapes at step 1…)
  4. Tip the hundreds and thousands into a shallow plastic container approximately 30cm x 20cm or thereabouts. About 0.5cm of sprinkles.
  5. Press a couple of pieces of bread at a time into the sprinkles, butter side down.  Press gently to get a good coverage but not too hard or the butter transfers to the container.
  6. Shake the container from side-to-side between pressings to evenly disperse the sprinkles. Replenish them when you need to.

Enjoy the fairy bread without the mess!

Happy BakeSw@pping!

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