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Food allergies and special diets

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BakeSw@p helps you to find other families with food allergies in common and share recipes, ideas and delicious food for special diets.

Is it just me or does everyone seem to have some sort of food allergy or be on a special diet? Sometimes this is a choice and many people swear they feel better when they avoid eating certain foods.  And I respect this very personal choice when my friends make it.

But for other families a simple outing to a restaurant, a birthday party or even a normal school day can turn into a stressful trip to hospital following an allergic reaction to a common food.

Food allergies

As diet plays more of a role in the treatment or management of health related issues it can be challenging to navigate the basics of day-to-day nourishment.  This affects families and friends as everyone tries their level best to support one other. 

I remember a little boy in my daughter’s kindy class that was so allergic to eggs that even a stray cake crumb could be potentially disastrous.  The alternative to him eating on his own (too sad!) was for the entire class to ensure that everything in our kids lunchboxes was egg-free. It’s more challenging than you think!  It seemed a bit of a hassle at the time but I felt so glad that it was only my issue for a single lunchbox a few times a week and not something I had to worry about 24/7 like his mum.

One of the most positive things to come out of this was the unprompted sharing of recipes between parents – we’d each email the rest of the class if we found a good one.  BakeSw@p would have made this so much easier!

I have a family member and a couple of great friends that are coeliacs (cannot tolerate gluten).  Gluten-free baked goods that look and taste great can be challenging. Nuts – in particular almond meal – are often used as a flour substitute but this isn’t a lunchbox solution for nut-free schools (which is most of them).

The most common allergens

The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy’s (ASCIA) site has detailed information about dietary avoidance and ASCIA has developed fact sheets for nine of the most common allergens including: cow’s milk, egg, soy, fish, peanut, treenut, sesame, shellfish and wheat. 

BakeSw@p Recipes identify food allergens

In BakeSw@p recipes the most common food allergens are identified using the following criteria during the process of either recipe input or recipe search:
  • This recipe is: gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, egg free.
  • This recipe contains: nuts, coconut, shellfish, fish, soy, sesame.

At BakeSw@p we love it when our members share their favourite recipes.  Please note, recipes (including ingredient inclusions or exclusions) reflect information BakeSw@p members and subscribers include when they create a recipe using the Recipe Input Tool. Recipes appear exactly as entered by each recipe author and are not reviewed or tested by BakeSw@p.

Discover people around you with the same food allergies

BakeSw@p can help you get in touch with (or ‘’DISCOVER’) other BakeSw@ppers who live near you, have children at the same school or food allergies in common. 

Perhaps you’ve just moved into the area or are new to a school?  Or don’t know anyone else locally with the same food allergies.  Maybe you’d like to add a few more members to your circle? Or you want to get a group of BakeSw@ppers in your community or at your school together to bake for a fundraiser. BakeSw@p can help.  Here’s how.

Discover people with a food allergy at the same school or who live nearby
To search by Food Allergy you need to include a post code or a school name.  Simply type the relevant information into both the Post Code + Food Allergy fields or both the School Name + Food Allergy fields.  You can't search by food allergy alone.

Create a BakeSw@p Circle with friends who have the same allergy

It’s great for swapping recipes and tips as well as sharing the load of making healthy and delicious foods that you can be sure don’t contain any allergens that affect your family.

For further information:

All advice is general in nature and the BakeSw@p team recommends you seek professional advice from your doctor or health practitioner regarding any concerns relating to you or your family.

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