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Freezing your baked goods

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A brilliant baker I know recently admitted she had never frozen baked goods.  And she’s not alone. But did you know that most baked goods freeze really well?  Which is terrific for keeping things fresh until you need them. And it’s a terrific time saver being able to bake ahead of your special occasion or prior to the hustle and bustle of a school week.  Freezing can even enhance your baked goods if they are treated correctly. For example, some baked items are actually moister after being frozen.

Tips for freezing baked items

Sounds so simple I know but here are some tips that have worked for me to ensure I have a bounty of delicious items at the ready in my freezer.

What can you freeze?
Depending on their ingredients almost any kind of baked item can be frozen including cakes, muffins, scones, quiches, pies, pikelets / drop scones, brownies, bread, scrolls, pastries, patties. Uncooked pastry and biscuit/cookie dough freezes well too. As do uncooked patties.

A few things that don’t really freeze so well include muesli bars, biscuits and some slices or tray bakes depending on their ingredients. But these items usually keep well for quite a few days in an airtight container to give you plenty of time to enjoy them at their best.

Pack your treats up as soon as possible after baking
The best time to pack them up is when they are completely cool and as soon as possible after baking.  Squeeze out the air from the bag when sealing.  A quick and easy thing to do is bag them in two’s using snap lock sandwich bags.  Label them with the item name, date baked and your initials. Write on the bags before you fill them…

Getting them freezer ready
  • For individual items like cakes and muffins freeze them wrapped individually in two layers of plastic wrap or in a zip lock back with all the air squeezed out.
  • For larger items like cakes wrap them in plastic wrap first and then tightly wrap them in aluminium foil.

Be careful not to squash them in the freezer
Be careful not to squash things when putting them fresh into the freezer.  Once they are frozen you don't have to worry so much but it's usually a good idea to arrange them in a container in your freezer, or on a shelf alone until they are frozen solid. Before you pop them into the freezer wrap them individually in cling film and then put them in a freezer bag with the air squeezed out.  This is so they don't get icy. Also make sure they’re labeled with what they are and the date.

Put things in your freezer naked
Most things freeze better without icing.  If you want to add icing do this after you defrost it ahead of serving.

The golden rule of freezing
Don’t re-freeze something that’s been frozen once and then defrosted.  This is a good rule of thumb to apply to ANY item you freeze.  And ideally you should consume your frozen treats within about 6-12 weeks – again depending on the ingredients.

Defrosting and serving your baked treats

To serve an item that has been frozen try one of these three things.
  1. Put the frozen item directly into a school lunchbox, for example, and let it defrost in there during the time between leaving home and eating it at morning recess. This has the added benefit of keeping the lunchbox cool.
  2. Let the item defrost on the kitchen bench (in its airtight bag) while you make up the rest of the lunchbox before adding it at the end.
  3. Defrost it in the microwave.  Remove it from any plastic wrapping - you can reuse this at the end (or leave it naked, depending on your lunchbox hardware). A good rule of thumb is to zap it in 10-second bursts turning the item over between each.  20-seconds in total is usually enough.

So try freezing so you can enjoy your baked goods whenever you want as delicious as the day they were baked.

Happy BakeSw@pping!

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