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Dividing up cake mixture equally, made easy

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When making double quantities or larger batches of mixture it can be tricky to divide it into equal portions for cooking.  Sometimes it makes sense to make part of the larger batch all-in-one - like creaming the butter and sugar then adding eggs, for example.  And then you need to split it to finish the recipe because when you add everything else there’s too much mix for one bowl. And it makes it easier to handle. Or you want to make sure you get exactly the same amount of mixture into each tin for baking.

Sounds simple but many a time I’ve gotten my mixes out of whack.

So here are six simple steps to getting it right every time:

  1. Weigh each bowl or tin empty. Don’t assume the same size bowls or tins are equal in weight.
  2. Weigh the bowl containing the mixture before you portion it.
  3. Subtract the weight of that bowl from the total – this gives you the weight of the mixture alone
  4. Divide the mixture weight by the number of vessels you plan to portion it into
  5. Add this number to the weight of each vessel to get the target end weight per vessel
  6. Portion the mixture into each vessel until you get to the target end weight for each.

My biggest tip - write it down as you go!

Here’s an example of portioning a mix two ways and then one three ways.

EXAMPLE ONE: One bowl into two bowls

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EXAMPLE TWO: One bowl into three tins

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Please note in the examples above:
  • Bowl #1 and Bowl #2 are identical
  • Tins #1 and #2 are the same size but different brands so their weight varies

Happy BakeSw@pping!

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