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Healthy Food Swap ideas

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Share the load and make catering simple with BakeSw@p! We help you organise healthy food swaps that are easy and stress-free. Find out how and click here! 

Tom bringing his classic ham dish and cousin Sarah bringing yet again, another variation of Tom’s dish that she claims “tastes better”. Everyone else makes a salad and by the time it comes to eat, there are at least 4 different salads and 3 different meats.

Sharing healthy food swap ideas

With BakeSw@p, we take away the hassle of trying to organise food and catering for events. Our online platform divides a list of recipes and food swap ideas so that you can easily arrange a buffet of healthy and delicious meals for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, picnics, stall fundraisers, baby showers and work events. Say goodbye to awkward double-ups of the same kind of muffin and uncomfortable meat dishes presented at the home of vegetarians.

Our BakeSw@p circles work for almost every occasion. You decide a list of food swap ideas, present these to other attendees and each will confirm their own dish. BakeSw@p saves you the time and effort put into organising, chasing up people and sending out numerous texts and emails.

The next time you have an event and want to share the load, think BakeSw@p. Save the disappointment from poorly cooked party pies and untasteful coleslaw and guide your friends towards food everyone can enjoy!

BakeSw@p is also a great way to encourage your friends, family and even work colleagues to eat better by engaging in a healthy food swap initiative. Share your healthy food swap ideas with one another and promote positive eating habits, because let’s face it, eating healthy is much better with friends! Organise your own healthy food swap today and start creating your own BakeSw@p circle. Simply sign up here!

Catering has never been easier! With BakeSw@p, you can easily organise healthy food swaps that are simple and give everyone an opportunity to try something different. Keep everyone happy, healthy and full and start swapping today!

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