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How BakeSw@p works

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BakeSw@p helps make your life easier, healthier and more delicious!

How BakeSw@p works

Anyone can BakeSw@p.  Whether you love to bake or think no-one would ever want to eat what you make BakeSw@p gives you what you need to make your life easier and more delicious.  What are you waiting for?

BakeSw@p gets people together to create a variety of healthy and delicious home baked treats to put in their kids lunchbox every day of the school week.  With very little additional cost or effort required on their part.

BakeSw@p coordinates ‘baking circles’ of people you know and trust, plans the menu (so you don’t end up with 10 kinds of banana muffins each week) and organises everything (so you don’t have to send endless emails and texts to each other) and gives you a wealth of information to make it easy to provide nutritious morning tea your kids will actually eat.

The many benefits of BakeSw@p

Why BakeSw@p?
  • You can’t bake and store five different snacks a week.  Kids get bored easily and don’t eat what you make. It’s hard to find and expensive to buy ‘healthy’ snacks.

  • BakeSw@p saves time, money and effort plus the angst of uneaten lunchbox items. 

  • It requires no more effort than one bake a week. The swap takes place at a time and place already frequented by members of the baking circle  e.g. school drop off or the local take away coffee place

  • BakeSw@p does all the heavy lifting.  There is minimal effort to set up and enjoy the ongoing benefits of BakeSw@p.  The ‘bake’ and ‘swap’ are customised by the BakeSw@p circle.

  • BakeSw@p gets like-minded people together to share the load and reap the delicious rewards.  Maybe someone in your family has food allergies or special dietary requirements.  Perhaps you have just moved into the area and don’t know many people in the local community. BakeSw@p will help you discover those around you who could be great members of your baking circle.

  • BakeSw@p provides a wealth of information around healthy baking (recipes) as well as tips and how to’s.  For example tips on baking, storage, transport and serving.  As well as how to ‘health up’ your recipes.

  • There is a wider community benefit: healthier kids - one lunchbox at a time.  In a day and age when all we hear about is what we’re doing wrong it’s great to have something positive and achievable that anyone can do.

BakeSw@p is not just for kids!

Check out the many other ways BakeSw@p can make your life easier, healthier and more delicious. Whether it’s a regular thing, something you do on occasion or a once off.  Like morning tea at work, making playdough in a rainbow of colours, sharing the load of making dinner every night.  The list goes on!

It’s super easy to get started:

Step 1: Register now to create or join a BakeSw@p circle
Step 2: Let BakeSw@p do the rest!

How BakeSw@p Works - YouTube video

Want to know exactly how BakeSw@p works and why we created it? Check out our YouTube channel - we’ve made a little video that explains it all!  Find out how easy it is to bake once and swap for a different lunchbox treat for every day of the school week.

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