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Dinner roster

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BakeSw@p makes life easier and more delicious for you in so many ways.

Circle Purpose: Dinner roster

Great for: busy singles or couples, mums with a new baby, a sick friend, salad swaps, camping trips with friends

You can have a Sw@p event across the course of a week where a different member 'sw@ps' each day. For example a nightly dinner roster or a daily morning tea roster. You simply nominate the day you will sw@p when you choose your bake.

Dinner roster for busy singles and couples
A dinner roster is a great way for busy singles and couples to enjoy cooking a delicious dinner but not have to eat it every night for a week… Take it in turns to cook a big batch of something special once a week to enjoy for your dinner that night and then share the rest with your baking circle by taking it to work the next day or walking it round to your neighbours at dinner time, for example.  A circle size of between 3 and 5 members works well here.

Dinner roster for new mums or a sick friend
A dinner roster can make a huge difference to a sick friend or a mum with a new baby – especially when they don’t have to worry about their family’s evening meal.

It’s easy to help out a friend by making an extra meal when you make your own family dinner and then delivering it to your friend in need around dinner time. With a well-organised roster each circle member might only need to make an extra meal every couple of weeks or so.  Which is easy when you can plan ahead.

You work out which days the dinner roster will work (four nights a week might be plenty for example), the delivery time and who will make what. The best thing about this is your friend will receive a variety of delicious dinners you know they will enjoy instead of yet another lasagna to add to the five others already in the freezer.

It works like this.  You set the frequency for weekly, for example, and create a circle of friends. And then each week those circle members who can help respond to the baking confirmation alert. The more circle members you have the less frequently you each need to make dinner for your friend in need.

Swap a nightly salad
Want to try something more adventurous on the salad front? It’s a big ask for a busy mum to create an amazing side dish along with everything else at dinner time. So get onboard the current salad swapping movement and take turns to create something a bit special once a week and share it with your friends.  Swap it at school or walk it around the neighbourhood around dinner time.

Camping trips with friends
It’s really fun to go on holidays with friends.  BakeSw@p can make self-catering holidays a breeze by helping you organise a nightly dinner roster before your trip.  That way you can plan ahead in terms of what you need to take and you can look forward to enjoying a delicious variety of evening meals during your holiday.

Create Circle – Dinner roster
To create a circle to help make coordinating dinner rosters easier and more delicious choose:
  • Dinner roster as your circle purpose. 
  • Regular as your circle sw@p frequency (or 'once-only' if it’s going to happen just once)
  • Everyone swaps each round on a different day as your sw@p plan if you plan to take it in turns to bake and share

For a step-by-step guide to creating a circle go to  

BakeSw@p is not just for kids.

You can create a circle to suit just about any occasion where there is an opportunity to share the baking load and then enjoy the delicious rewards. BakeSw@p organises everything (so you don’t have to send endless emails and texts to each other) and gives you a wealth of information to help make your life easier, healthier and more delicious. The ‘bake’ and ‘swap’ are customised by the BakeSw@p circle.

Create a BakeSw@p circle for just about anything
You can create a BakeSw@p circle for almost any purpose of your choosing.  Here are a few we’ve come up with:
  • School lunchbox – great for school recess morning tea, families with food allergies, after school snacks
  • Morning or afternoon tea roster – great for morning or afternoon tea at work, playgroup, book club
  • Cake stall fundraiser – great for cake stalls, bring-a-plate, sporting club wind-ups, weekend sport host club morning tea, shared classroom lunch, school events, quiz nights, end of season functions
  • Dinner roster – great for busy singles or couples, mums with a new baby, a sick friend, salad swaps, camping trips with friends
  • Special occasion catering – great for birthday parties, special occasions, celebrations, Christmas lunch
  • Playdough rainbow – great for playdough, craft stations

The possibilities are endless and you can create or join as many circles as you like as a BakeSw@p subscriber at no extra cost.

To find out more about creating a circle or how BakeSw@p works go to Create a Circle.

The BakeSw@p team would love to hear from you about your BakeSw@p experiences and other ways BakeSw@p makes life easier and more delicious for you.

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