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BakeSw@p makes life easier and more delicious for you in so many ways.

Circle Purpose: Playdough rainbow

Great for: playdough, craft stations

If your kids like a rainbow of playdough colours then BakeSw@p can help. Make a big batch of playdough in one colour each, divide it up and swap.  BakeSw@p can help make sure everyone makes a different colour and you end up with the right number of portions for your sw@p.  Check out the playdough recipe on the site.

You can set this up as a regular event – at our place the rainbow of colours has become a homogenous lump of brown within a few weeks! Perhaps do this on a monthly basis.  Or as an occasional or one-off event.

This circle is great for anything that you need in multiple colours or styles. Try it for craft stalls - like gingerbread decorating or making edible Christmas decorations – where you need lots of icing in different colours or biscuits in different shapes.

BakeSw@p gives you a wealth of information including recipes and tips. Bake your own recipes or try some of the fantastic recipes shared by other BakeSw@p members.

Create Circle – Playdough or craft station
To create a circle to help make coordinating playdough or craft stalls easier choose:
  • Playdough rainbow as your circle purpose. 
  • Regular as your circle sw@p frequency (or 'once only' if it’s going to happen just once)
  • Everyone swaps each round on the same day as your sw@p plan if you plan to all make and bring your goodies on one day

For a step-by-step guide to creating a circle go to  

BakeSw@p is not just for kids.

You can create a circle to suit just about any occasion where there is an opportunity to share the baking load and then enjoy the delicious rewards. BakeSw@p organises everything (so you don’t have to send endless emails and texts to each other) and gives you a wealth of information to help make your life easier, healthier and more delicious. The ‘bake’ and ‘swap’ are customised by the BakeSw@p circle.

Create a BakeSw@p circle for just about anything
You can create a BakeSw@p circle for almost any purpose of your choosing.  Here are a few we’ve come up with:
  • School lunchbox – great for school recess morning tea, families with food allergies, after school snacks
  • Morning or afternoon tea roster – great for morning or afternoon tea at work, playgroup, book club
  • Cake stall fundraiser – great for cake stalls, bring-a-plate, sporting club wind-ups, weekend sport host club morning tea, shared classroom lunch, school events, quiz nights, end of season functions
  • Dinner roster – great for busy singles or couples, mums with a new baby, a sick friend, salad swaps, camping trips with friends
  • Special occasion catering – great for birthday parties, special occasions, celebrations, Christmas lunch
  • Playdough rainbow – great for playdough, craft stations

The possibilities are endless and you can create or join as many circles as you like as a BakeSw@p subscriber at no extra cost.

To find out more about creating a circle or how BakeSw@p works go to Create a Circle.

The BakeSw@p team would love to hear from you about your BakeSw@p experiences and other ways BakeSw@p makes life easier and more delicious for you.

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