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Recipe for success

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BakeSw@p formula for success

There are a few simple guidelines that will make BakeSw@p a fantastic experience for everyone willing to bake just once a week and enjoy the benefits of a variety of healthy, delicious treats.

  1. Anyone can BakeSw@p. No matter what your skill or experience in the kitchen baking a batch of morning tea items is something anyone can do. And BakeSw@p has a wealth of recipes and tips to help you do it with confidence.
  2. Baking Circle.  A circle of 8-10 bakers is ideal. This will allow for those weeks when not everyone bakes without compromising menu variety.  Create a circle of friends with similar values who have something in common
  3. Home Baked.  BakeSw@p items must be cooked, almost without exception. All BakeSw@p items should be baked at home, as close to the time of the actual Sw@p as possible.  If you don’t bake you can’t swap.
  4. Double Batch.  It takes only a little extra effort to bake a double batch of 24 items giving you 6 for your freezer and 18 to swap.
  5. Balanced Menu.  Plan a balanced menu that includes a mix of sweet and savoury recipes in a range of forms, for example, some muffins, cakes, scrolls, bars, balls.  The larger the variety the better your hit rate with your children across the week.
  6. Freezer Suitable.  At least 7/10 of the recipes should be suitable to freeze to ensure they can be kept fresh until needed.
  7. Sw@p Fresh.  Don’t freeze anything prior to the sw@p as food can’t be re-frozen when people get it home
  8. Size Matters.  Create baked items that are uniform in size in servings that are substantial enough for morning tea.
  9. Healthy Ingredients.  Choose recipes that include fruits, vegetables and / or whole grains and try some BakeSw@p baking tips to amp up the health credentials of your recipes.
  10. Perishable Ingredients.  Perishable or high risk ingredients (for example chicken, meat or dairy) that might be compromised during the process of either storing, transporting or serving should be avoided as you’re cooking for children.
  11. Visual and Appetite Appeal.  When choosing a recipe consider visual and appetite appeal in equal measures – kids eat with their eyes first.  And you won’t feel as good about your tofu muffins when they come home uneaten…
  12. Delicate Damage. Baked treats that are delicate in texture or topping, for example, might get damaged in transit or when being stored or served in a lunchbox so adapt your recipe to suit.
  13. Less Icing.  Choose recipes that taste great without icing and other adornments – it’s faster and easier to bake and serve and kids won’t miss it.
  14. Hygiene 101. It’s easy to maintain a high standard of hygiene by frequent hand washing, a clean kitchen and storing ingredients and baked items correctly. 
  15. Sw@p Container. Take a container with you that’s big enough to carry all 18 items safely so you can get them home in one piece.  Remember you’ll end up with as many as you swap!
  16. Punctual Sw@p.  Be punctual – the swap only takes a few minutes!
  17. Zip Lock.  Use zip lock bags for your Sw@p packs. You can write the recipe name, date, your initials and any special instructions on them before you fill them. And your treats will go from your kitchen to the final lunchbox in one airtight environment.

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    MaBaker - over 4 years ago

    It's true. Anyone can BakeSw@p - last week one of our circle members brought these funny little sunken chocolate cupcakes full of kidney beans. She thought they were the worst thing in the circle bake that week. Guess which one the kids loved best? Those funny little healthy choccy cakes...

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