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Recipe input tool

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BakeSw@p’s Easy Recipe Input Tool

At BakeSw@p we love it when our members share their recipes. We’ve made it super easy to get your favourite recipes onto the site with the Recipe Input Tool so you can access them easily all in one place.

Create your recipe in 5 easy steps

Create your recipe by filling in the details for each of these steps:
1. Basic information
2. Ingredients
3. Preparation
4. Who can see my recipe
5. Recipe features

You can see your progress and can go back to a previous screen at any time. Fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in, the rest are optional. 

Step 1:  Basic information

Information required here includes 
  • Recipe name.  Feel free to make up a fun name!
  • Item type.  Choose one from the list of 14 including balls, bars, biscuits/cookies, bread, brownies, cakes/cupcakes, muffins, pastries, patties, playdough, pikelets/drop scones, quiches, scones, scrolls/pinwheels, slices/traybakes or ‘Other’ if you can’t find one that fits!
  • Sweet or savoury
  • Key ingredients.  You must choose at least one key ingredient from the dropdown list. This key ingredient list links to a central database used to calculate nutritional values for each recipe but also to inform the de-duplication menu function. The feature ingredient is often mentioned in the recipe name.
  • Serves.  How many individual portions or slices does the recipe make?  
  • Measurement unit.  Choose from metric or imperial – whichever suits you better.
  • Introduction.  Tell us a little bit about this recipe. For example what do you (or the people who eat it!) like about it, is there a special or surprising ingredient or method step, do you make it all the time or save it for a special occasion, does it bring back memories? You get the picture. 
  • Recipe photos. Upload up to 6 photos of the finished product and/or any key preparation stages that fellow bakers might find useful. The file size of each image must be less than 30MB. Photos taken on your smartphone are perfect! Photos are optional – you don’t have to upload any but people eat with their eyes first! 

Step 2: Ingredients

A nutritional index is calculated automatically for every recipe on BakeSw@p.   To input your ingredients simply make a selection from the list of ingredients. 

Tips for selecting ingredients
The ingredients link to a central database so if an ingredient doesn't come up immediately try typing in key words before descriptions. For example, for 'brown sugar' start by typing in "sugar", for 'wholemeal flour' start by typing in "flour" and for ‘kidney bean’ start with “bean”.  The database is pretty comprehensive so if you really can’t find an ingredient choose something similar to enable you to complete your recipe and send us an email via our Contact Us page to let us know so we can add it! 
You might also consider alterative names for some things like courgette / zucchini.  And for chocolate chips just use the relevant chocolate ingredient from the list.

Weights and measures
Weights are far more reliable as a universal ingredient measure. There is a lot of variation between small or large single portions and between manufacturers or brands.  Even standard measures like cups and tablespoons can vary between countries!

So just pop your ingredients on your kitchen scales if you don’t already have an accurate measure for them.  For example:
  • Eggs - large eggs weigh approximately 70g each so 4 large eggs = 280g
  • Weetbix – weetbix biscuits weigh about 15g each on average, so 8 of these would be 120g
  • Banana – a large peeled banana weighs about 150g, so 3 of these would be 450g. While a small peeled banana weighs about 80g so 3 of these would be 240g.

Check out BAKE > Weights and measures and also BAKE > Basic ingredient measures for a quick and easy reference guide.

Step 3: Preparation

We’ve made it easy by putting in a few quick questions with typical answers listed so you can make a selection quickly and easily. In each instance you can choose “No Cook” (if your recipe doesn’t require cooking) or “Other” if your option is not on the list:
  • What do you cook it in? Choose from a selection of tin types and sizes.
  • How do you prepare the tin? Choose from a selection of common options.
  • Cooking time. Select a time in hours and minutes.
  • Preparation time. Select a time in hours and minutes (have a guess if you don’t know).
  • Oven temperature. BakeSw@p automatically calculates oven temperatures in Fahrenheit (°F) and Gas Mark. Change the temperature using degrees Celsius (°C) until the correct temperature conversion appears to the right of it.
  • You’ll know it’s cooked when. Choose from a selection of common options.
  • When you take it out of the oven. Choose from a selection of common options.

Step 4:  Who can see my recipe

At BakeSw@p we love it when our members share their favourite recipes. Tell us who you would like to share your recipe with. Some people prefer to keep their recipes to themselves and/or their circles. Others are happy to share them with anyone. Sometimes it varies by recipe.  Select one of the four options from the list.

Step 5: Recipe Features

Smiley rating.  The option you select from the “My kids would eat this” list sets the Smiley rating to start.  Choose from one of 3 options:
  • every day (3 smileys)
  • once a week (2 smileys)
  • every few weeks (1 smiley)

Store this recipe. Choose from a selection of common options.

Level of difficulty. Choose from ‘easy’, ‘capable cooks’ or ‘challenge yourself’.

Substitutions and options.  Have you tried recipe variations or added or substituted any ingredients?  

Serving tips.  Any tips to help make sure these home made goodies make it to their final destination in tip top condition?

Baking tips.  Any tips to help make sure this recipe turns out perfectly for your fellow BakeSw@ppers? This could be a technique tip, a time saver or something you’ve learned through experience.

And finally a set of quick and easy boxes to tick

At the bottom of the recipe you’ll see a series of tick boxes.

List 1 - This recipe is….
Please tick the relevant box for each of the options listed that apply to the recipe.  A tick means YES. Leaving the box unticked means NO. For example, tick the "Gluten free" box if the recipe IS gluten free. You can tick as many boxes as apply. There are 10 options: suitable to freeze, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, egg free, no cook, seasonal, Fun Friday and Special Occasion.

List 2 - This recipe contains…
Please tick the relevant box if the recipe contains any of these ingredients listed.  A tick means YES. Leaving the box unticked means NO. For example, tick the "Nuts" box if the recipe has nuts in it. You can tick as many boxes as apply. There are 6 options: nuts, coconut, shellfish, fish, soy and sesame.

It’s easy to create, edit and search for recipes

Your recipes can be found in MY BAKESW@P > My Recipes. Choose Create Recipe to create one and Edit Recipe to make changes to a recipe you have already input using the Recipe Input Tool.   Use the Recipe Search box to find a recipe.

One thing to note.  Recipes (including ingredient inclusions or exclusions) reflect information BakeSw@p members and subscribers include when they create a recipe using the Recipe Input Tool. Recipes appear exactly as entered by each recipe author and are not reviewed or tested by BakeSw@p.

The BakeSw@p team is always happy to help so go to our Contact Us page if you think we can.

Happy BakeSw@pping!

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