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You can enjoy this and MORE as a BakeSw@p Circle Subscriber! Would you like to become a Circle Subscriber?

Sign up process overview

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Bake just once a week and BakeSw@p to get a different lunchbox treat for every day of the school week

Introducing BakeSw@p

BakeSw@p gets people together to create a variety of healthy and delicious lunchbox snacks with very little additional cost or effort required.

It helps you form groups (‘baking circles’) of people you know and trust, plans the menu (so you don’t end up with 10 kinds of banana muffins each week), organises everything (so you don’t have to send endless emails and texts to each other) and gives you a wealth of information to make it easy to provide nutritious morning tea your kids will actually eat. 

Here’s how it works in 2 easy steps:
Step 1: Register to create or join a BakeSw@p circle
Step 2: Let BakeSw@p do the rest!

Sign up process overview

Become a BakeSw@p member – it’s free!
The sign up process to become a BakeSw@p member is quick and easy. When you sign up you’ll be asked for some simple information that will be used to create your BakeSw@p member profile including a user name, profile pic, your name and contact details.  It’s worth remembering that your profile pic and User Name are visible to other members, subscribers and visitors to the site. Becoming a member gives you access to almost everything there is to enjoy about BakeSw@p with the exception of functionality and content related to BakeSw@p Circles.

Members enjoy: lots of easy recipes, useful tips and ‘how-to’ guides, the chance to win great prizes and informative articles in bite size pieces.
Become a BakeSw@p subscriber – for one annual fee of $24 (around $2 a month)
There is a single annual fee to become a circle subscriber and you can create or join as many circles as you like under the banner of your annual subscription fee.  To enable your circle functionality a little more information is required during sign-up including details about the ‘eaters’ as we fondly refer to them. 

Subscribers enjoy: all the benefits of membership PLUS the opportunity to create and join as many BakeSw@p circles as they like. You can also “Discover” other BakeSw@p members nearby, at your school or with the same food allergies.

You can try before you buy with our FREE 7-day Trial Subscription.

Creating a BakeSw@p Circle
Creating a circle is quick and easy.  You’ll be asked for some simple information that will be used to create your circle profile including a name, purpose and details to enable your circle to be customised to make your life easier and more delicious. You can create (or join!) as many different circles as you like – each with its own profile and unique membership.

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