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Special Occasion catering

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Catering for a special occasion is easy when you share the load with family and friends. Find out how to make parties, events and celebrations a breeze with BakeSw@p.

Create a BakeSw@p circle for just about anything

You can create a BakeSw@p circle for almost any purpose of your choosing.  It's great for catering special occasions like birthday parties, celebrations or Christmas lunch.

Birthday parties

Throwing a birthday party – for a child or an adult – while a labour of love takes a lot of effort.  Share the load of making a variety of delicious party food.  It’s easy for everyone in your circle to bring one thing (as a guest they only have to turn up!) which means you don’t have to make so much and can focus on making the party special for your family member or friend. Plus you won’t end up with eight plates of chocolate crackles… Then, as and when each of your fellow circle members next celebrate a special occasion with a party you can return the favour by making one thing to take along.

All you have to do is create a circle of friends who will each have at least one event similar to yours during the course of the year. When your event draws near you initiate a circle round and BakeSw@p will help make it easy to coordinate the rest. You can put your BakeSw@p circle into hiatus between occasions, activating it when you need it.

Christmas lunch

At Christmas time you can easily coordinate your lunch or dinner menu by creating a circle and inviting the family and friends who will join you for the celebration to nominate what they will contribute to your festive spread.  That way you can share the load and enjoy the delicious rewards of the right number of entrees, mains, salads and desserts! And without the need for endless phone calls, texts and emails about the menu.

BakeSw@p is not just for kids.

You can create a circle to suit just about any occasion where there is an opportunity to share the baking load and then enjoy the delicious rewards. BakeSw@p organises everything (so you don’t have to send endless emails and texts to each other) and gives you a wealth of information to help make your life easier, healthier and more delicious. The ‘bake’ and ‘swap’ are customised by the BakeSw@p circle.

The possibilities are endless and you can create or join as many circles as you like as a BakeSw@p subscriber at no extra cost.

To find out more about creating a circle or how BakeSw@p works go to Create a Circle.

The BakeSw@p team would love to hear from you about your BakeSw@p experiences and other ways BakeSw@p makes life easier and more delicious for you.

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