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Thank you lovely ladies for your fantastic baking. There were about 200 people who came to the reunion and so many were so very appreciative of the amazing spread of goodies we had! There was plenty to go round with a little left over too! I really appreciate your help particularly at such short notice. You're awesome. 

alisayer AU

Our school used BakeSwap for a function over the weekend.  We fed 200 people an amazing array of yummy treats.  BakeSwap made it so easy to co-ordinate and to participate in.  I only had to make scones and get a few mums on board and that was it.  We will definitely be using BakeSwap at school from now on – we’ve even started a Recess circle – weekly treats with minimum fuss.  Thank you BakeSwap!

fakerbaker1 AU
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BakeSw@p saves time and money. It’s still surprising to me how little effort is required to get such a delicious reward.  It really takes no more time to make a double batch of whatever I’m baking and the ingredients come straight out of my fridge, pantry or fruit bowl so I don’t outlay any additional $. I bake with what I have.

amanda AU
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BakeSw@p makes it so much easier for me to have a variety of different foods for my children!

gzilla AU

I can’t wait to try BakeSw@p for other occasions. I’m already part of a circle that makes morning tea for my kids’ school lunchboxes but I can’t wait to create a circle to share the load of the evening meal in our house.  Think we’ll start with salads – other people always seem to make the most delicious salads. Just like a cup of tea always tastes better when someone else makes it for you!

susannah AU

BakeSw@p is very social. I work full time so I love how social BakeSw@p is.  It keeps me in regular contact with the other school mums (in my BakeSw@p circle) which I love almost as much as the time and cost saving convenience of having enough morning and afternoon teas to last my twin boys the week!

lonewolf AU

BakeSw@p lets you exit gracefully. The beauty of BakeSw@p is it lets you decline an invitation or exit a circle gracefully because BakeSw@p does this on your behalf which means you don’t need to provide an explanation or feel the need to apologise to your friends.  And if I can’t BakeSw@p one week for whatever reason BakeSw@p lets the rest of my circle know and I don’t have to give it another thought until the next week’s BakeSw@p.

allisonellison74 AU

BakeSwap has really transformed my kids’ very ordinary lunch boxes to something to be proud of! I was not a regular baker at all but this has forced me to appreciate that baking really is just a little time and effort for big rewards..the whole family loves BakeSwap day!

anniep AU
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My kids actually eat what’s in their lunchboxes – most days…gone are the days of uneaten morning tea coming home in their lunchboxes.  Lunchboxes are such a daily drudge but the morning tea solution is always a pleasure – like having a bakery in your freezer! And I’m saving a small fortune by not buying expensive ‘healthy’ pre-packaged items at the supermarket.

bakerella AU

BakeSw@p has made me a much more confident baker. Some of the BakeSw@p tips and tricks have made baking far easier and more enjoyable for me because I’m more likely to end up with something that tastes as good as it looks when I turn up to my Sw@p.

amanda pearse AU
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