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Sw@p tips

Lunchbox appeal. Visual and taste appeal are most important at the end of the journey: the lunchbox.  There are a few simple tips to ensure your baked treats look and taste as good in the lunchbox as they did when they came out of the oven. Bake as close to the time of the actual Sw@p as possible, sw@p fresh and make treats that are easy to store from bake to sw@p to lunchbox. That way your beautiful home baked goodies end up in lunch boxes in tip-top condition.
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Discover people nearby, or at the same school, with the same food allergy.  Discover people around you. If someone in your family has a food allergy you can discover BakeSw@ppers with the same one near you that might like to join your circle.  They might have children at the same schools as yours – just in different classes or year groups. Or perhaps you’ve just changed schools or moved into the area.  BakeSw@p can help you get together to share the load and enjoy the delicious rewards.
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Sw@p for a friend who has baked but can't make the sw@p.  Plan ahead to drop off your treats to another circle member, before the Sw@p, if you can’t make the pre-arranged time.  They can do the swap for you that week and you can arrange to collect your goodies from them later on.
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Be punctual - the Sw@p takes only a few minutes.  Meet at the pre-arranged venue at the agreed time. Be punctual as the whole swap takes only a few minutes!  

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Home baked treats don't fare well in a hot car.  Just like pets your home baked goodies don’t fare well in a hot car!  So crack the windows and make sure they’re not in direct sun between dropping off your kids and making your swap.  Having them in an insulated cooler bag will also ensure they stay fresh.

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Bake once, sw@p for lots! Bake once a week and swap with a circle of friends to get a variety of delicious and nutritious items to put into your kids lunch boxes. It’s simple, easy, costs very little and doesn’t take much time. And you'll get as many different things as there are members of your BakeSw@p circle baking that round.
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BakeSw@p is not just for kids! Try it for lots of other occasions.  Try BakeSw@p for your morning tea roster at work or playgroup.  A dinner roster is great for busy singles and couples or for when someone has a new baby or a sick friend needs a hand.  BakeSw@p makes organising a cake stall fundraiser a breeze and can help you work out the meal-sharing plan for a group of families going on holiday together.  The list is endless.
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Sw@p freshDon’t freeze anything prior to the Sw@p as food can’t be re-frozen when people get it home. The best time to bake is as close to the actual swap as possible, for example, the afternoon or evening prior to a morning swap. Or the evening prior or morning of an afternoon swap.
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Keeping your BakeSw@p items fresh and delicious Unless they need to be kept in the fridge or the freezer keep your BakeSw@p items in an airtight container in a cool place. Leave them in the zip lock bags you swapped them in and then put them straight into lunchboxes. This keeps them at their freshest and means you use less food wrapping.
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Tips for freezing your BakeSw@p treatsWhen freezing things be careful not to squash them when putting them fresh into the freezer.  Once they are frozen you don't have to worry so much but it's usually a good idea to arrange them in a container in your freezer, or on a shelf alone until they are frozen solid. Before you pop them into the freezer wrap them individually in cling film and then put them in a freezer bag with the air squeezed out.  This is so they don't get icy. Also make sure they’re labelled with what they are and the date.
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