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Trouble shooting

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BakeSw@p makes life easier and more delicious for you in so many ways.

In this section please find a collection of commonly asked questions about:
  • BakeSw@p circles
  • Circle frequency
  • Changing circle details
  • Quorum
  • Hiatus

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Here are some commonly asked questions about BakeSw@p circles

Why do you always sw@p 18 pieces?
This works particularly well for a school lunchbox circle but really any circle where multiple individual serves are swapped.  It’s designed to keep things simple: it’s just as quick and easy to make a double batch of your favourite recipe, you’ll want to keep some of your bake for yourself, and you need a buffer in case your recipe yields less than 24 pieces on any given occasion. There are lots of variables (including the number of participating bakers in any given round) so the constant of 18 pieces week-to-week, no matter what, keeps it simple so you can plan, bake and swap with ease.

What happens if there are not enough bakers?
Variety is the key to success and, for this reason, if you haven’t got quite enough bakers (called ‘Bake Quorum’) for a successful Sw@p in any round the BakeSw@p team will send you an email to let you know that the Sw@p is cancelled. Just for that round.

If there’s no Sw@p you can still bake something delicious and nutritious.  Otherwise enjoy your week and the BakeSw@p team will email you when it’s time to think about your next BakeSw@p.

How will I know if a Sw@p is cancelled?
In the event a BakeSw@p round is cancelled, this email would be sent at 8.00am five (5) days prior to your Sw@p.  Or alternatively at 3.00pm one (1) day prior to your Sw@p.

What happens if two bakers choose to make the same thing?
To ensure a great variety in your BakeSw@p menu if you select a recipe that has already been chosen by another member of your circle BakeSw@p will prompt you to pick again.

I clicked YES in my “Are you BakeSw@pping?” email this week but didn’t get any alerts after that.
When you click the YES link in your “Are you BakeSw@pping?” email it takes you to a screen to nominate your menu item. To confirm your participation in any BakeSw@p round you MUST tell us the name and item type of your menu item as well as the main ingredient and then click the SAVE MENU button. 

Under ‘What is this circle for?’ I can’t see my circle purpose on the list
Simply choose ‘other’ and then type in your circle purpose in the box that appears.  You can create a circle to suit just about any occasion where there is an opportunity to share the baking load and then enjoy the delicious rewards.

The BakeSw@p Circle I created or was invited to join didn’t activate.
Sometime this happens – first and foremost don’t take it personally!

A BakeSw@p circle will activate when there are enough members to start BakeSw@pping.   When a circle doesn’t activate it might be because some invitees don’t respond before the deadline.  Or, for whatever reason, just don’t want to join a BakeSw@p circle right now - perhaps they are members of enough circles already? Some invitees might feel they don’t have time to BakeSw@p or it’s just not for them.  Or maybe they don’t know enough about BakeSw@p to make a decision. 

You can decline an invitation or exit a circle gracefully without feeling the need to apologise to your friends or provide an explanation because BakeSw@p does this on your behalf.

What can you do if the BakeSw@p Circle you created or were invited to join didn’t activate?
Perhaps you’d like to CREATE another circle? (You could also re-create the original circle if the reason it didn’t activate was because your friends didn’t respond before the deadline.)  You can DISCOVER people around you who could be great members of your BakeSw@p circle.

Here are a couple of suggestions from the BakeSw@p team on how to make it as easy as possible to get a BakeSw@p circle up and running smoothly so you can enjoy the delicious rewards.

  • Discuss your circle with your friends: Do this just before or when you create it. You’ll get a sense of who would like to be part of a BakeSw@p circle and you can canvass key Sw@p details (like frequency, day, time and venue).
  • Before or at your first swap: It’s a good idea to get everyone together (over a coffee or a glass of wine perhaps) to discuss the finer details and make any adjustments to the way your circle will work

Here are some commonly asked questions about circle frequency

How do I set the circle frequency for a circle that will swap on an ad hoc basis – more than once but not at regular intervals?
You can choose any frequency that works for you.  There are two options that will work for you here:
  1.     Use hiatus periods to temporarily suspend your circle activity between swaps.  Nominate your ‘Last Sw@p before the hiatus’ date and then nominate your ‘First Sw@p after the hiatus’ date as the next time you would like to sw@p.  And then repeat this exercise to schedule your next sw@p.  You can other circle details at the same time including the frequency or day of your sw@p if it varies between rounds. To make changes to your circle, including setting hiatus periods, go to MY BAKESW@P > My Circles and click EDIT CIRCLE
  2.     Select a Circle Sw@p Frequency of ‘Once Only’ and schedule each round one round at a time.  Set your next ‘once only’ sw@p date after your most recent Sw@p has happened. Go to MY BAKESW@P > My Circles and click EDIT CIRCLE

We want to take turns to sw@p over the course of a week
You can decide whether everyone swaps on the same day or takes turns on different days by selecting the appropriate option under ‘How do you plan to Sw@p?’  All circle members swap every round on different days. Everyone takes a turn to bake and then swap on a different day. For example, Sally brings morning tea for everyone in her circle on Monday, Peter brings morning tea for everyone on Tuesday, Jane brings morning tea on Thursday etc. You'll be asked to nominate a day each round when you respond to the first circle alert “Are you BakeSw@pping”. One or more people can swap each day – so more than one person can nominate Tuesday, for example. And you can choose a different day every round if you wish.

We have a large circle and want to take turns to sw@p - so not everyone will sw@p every round – for example, morning tea at work.
The simplest way to do this is to take turns responding “YES” to the “Are you BakeSw@pping?” alert that is issued a week prior to every round.  For example, if there are 10 of you in your circle and you only need 5 people to bring morning tea each week: the five members bringing morning tea in the first week click YES to the “Are you BakeSw@pping?” alert and the other five click NO.  The situation is reversed in the next round. And so on in alternate turns.  It’s up to you who turns up to enjoy morning tea!

Can we take a break or put the circle into hiatus for a while?
Yes. A hiatus is a period of time during which a circle will not BakeSw@p [Circle hiatus] or a member won’t participate in a circle’s BakeSw@p [Personal hiatus]. For more information on how to set a hiatus period for yourself or your circle go to CREATE A CIRCLE > Setting a Circle or Personal hiatus.

Can we change the frequency of our swap?
Yes. You can change this and many other details for your circle at any time. Simply go to MY BAKESW@P > My Circles and click EDIT CIRCLE.

Here are some commonly asked questions about changing circle details

Who can make changes to a circle?
Once your circle is created any member can propose changes to the Sw@p day, time or venue, the frequency and / or hiatus periods.  Or add a new member to the circle.  BakeSw@p will automatically send an alert to each member for a response.  If Change quorum is achieved then the proposed changes will take effect. No response defaults to status quo.

Do I have to be the circle creator to make changes to a circle?
No. Any member can propose changes to an active circle.

How do I make changes to my circle details?
Any circle member can change almost any of the details for your circle at any time. Simply go to MY BAKESW@P > My Circles and click EDIT CIRCLE.

When you click EDIT CIRCLE a box will appear with a number of options for you to choose from.  Tick the boxes that apply (you can select as many as you like) and provide some details in the text box at the bottom and click SEND.  BakeSw@p will send an email to all the members of your circle letting them know about your proposed changes and asking them to respond YES or NO. Changes to your circle can only be made if enough members agree to them.  Members have seven days to respond to the change request.

If enough members agree to the changes (i.e. Change Quorum is achieved) then the member that proposed the changes can go ahead and make those changes to the Circle details as agreed by the members of that circle. BakeSw@p will send you an email letting you know if Change Quorum has been achieved and, if so, how to make the changes to your circle.  You’ll receive this email within 7-days or sooner if quorum is achieved.

Here are some commonly asked questions about Quorum

What happens if members don’t respond to the change quorum request?
No response from members is recorded as a ‘NO’ vote so a default status quo position is recorded for that member.

What happens if bake quorum is not reached?
If you haven’t reached your Bake Quorum for the round then BakeSw@p will automatically send an email letting you know it’s cancelled.  No more alerts will be issued for that round.  The next round will progress as normal.

Here are some commonly asked questions about Hiatus

Do I have to set a hiatus period when I create my circle?
You don’t have to nominate a hiatus period – it’s entirely optional. 

Do I have to set a hiatus period every time I want to take a break?
No. You don’t have to nominate a hiatus period.  You can simply choose not to participate in any Sw@p by responding NO to the first “Are you BakeSw@pping?” alert. No explanation required.  You won’t receive any more alerts for that round but will automatically be included in the next one. A hiatus period works well if you need to take an extended break, for example, over the Christmas holidays or if you are going overseas for a few weeks.

How far in advance can I set up my hiatus period?
You can set it as far in advance as you’d like to as long as you set a date at least 14-days before the last swap (to allow enough time to cancel alerts) or at least 14-days before the first swap back (to allow enough time to restart alerts so you receive them all).

What’s the “Last Sw@p before the hiatus”?
This is the date of your last Sw@p BEFORE the hiatus period starts. It must be at least 14 days from the date you select. This is to allow enough time to cancel your circle alerts relating to the first cancelled BakeSw@p during the hiatus period.

What’s the “First Sw@p after the hiatus”?
This is the date of your first Sw@p AFTER the hiatus period ends. You can restart your BakeSw@p at any time as long as there’s at least 14 days from the date you select before that first Sw@p. This is to allow enough time to receive your circle alerts.

Can I put all my circles into hiatus at once?
No. A hiatus is specific to a circle. You could put each circle into hiatus individually.  Or, if you want to take a break from all your circles, you might like to set up a Personal hiatus instead.

For more go to our CREATE A CIRCLE > FAQ page.

For a step-by-step guide to creating a circle or confirming your participation and menu selection go to

If you think we can help please let us know by going to our Contact Us page.

Happy BakeSw@pping!

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